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Solidarity, Not Charity

Allstate Cares?

This video is a documentation of what happened when Ward “Mack” McLendon, executive director of The Lower Ninth Ward Village Community Center, and its visitors (Occidental College students) approached Lowernine.org and the Allstate Charity event.

Refusing to pay out the claims of Ninth Ward residents after Hurricane Katrina, Allstate came today in order to “repair” a broken image in the eyes of the community.

On behalf of the community, which was not represented in the Allstate volunteers, Mr. McLendon extended thanks and offered a list of things that the lower ninth community members need. This is raw, unedited footage of their response. Though there are bits with rough audio, the content is telling.

The man in the red and white jacket is Mack of the Lower Ninth Ward Village Community Center. The man in brown and the woman in the lowernine.org t-shirt are volunteers for Allstate and lowernine.org and spoke on their behalf.

Video by Kenneth James

Aja Fullo-Sanneh, Alexander Balgobin, Cathy Oak, and Malachi Krishok


One Response to “Allstate Cares?”

  1. Allstate is trying to salvage its reputation after fraudulantly denying claims from Gulf Coast residents whose homes were destroyed by Katrina and levee breaches. Many lawsuits have been filed, and some have been settled:



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