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Solidarity, Not Charity

Are You in Good Hands?

As we reported in “Allstate Cares,” today the Lower Ninth Ward was graced by the generous Allstate Insurance Company.

We crunched the numbers and thought it might be wise to place their thoughtful gift of $10,000 in the context of their 2010 quarterly earnings.

First Quarter: $120,000,000
Second Quarter: $145,000,000
Third Quarter: $367,000,000
Fourth Quarter: $518,000,000

Allstate earns $3.15 million a day, $131,378.54 an hour, and $2,187.97 a minute. So, ultimately, it took the company under five minutes to earn this money–an amount of time far surpassed by the amount of time spent presenting it.

One can only speculate how much money was spent on the ceremony, but given the matching shirts, charter buses, “Fun Mobile” with loudspeakers, plane tickets, etc., it takes no leap of imagination to assume that Allstate was more interested in a “photo op” than in giving back to the community they had done little to support in the wake of Katrina. Now we know where Allstate stands: are you in good hands?


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